What does an ETR Yoga for Children/Teens class look like?

We start with meditation, breathing, a body scan and Sanskrit chanting. After tuning in, we move into asana practice where we often use a theme, or children create their own stories using their imagination.


We often have a yoga game as part of the practise which lightens the practise and brings an element of fun. From time to time we burn a candle and listen and talk. We share our worries and then mediate and at the end. 

Body, Breath and Mind.

When they practise asanas (postures) children will learn about their bodies and how to keep them flexible and healthy. They will start to learn about coordination and carry this over into other areas of their life.

Through pranayama (breathing techniques suitable for this age) children learn to bring about a balanced emotional state. This is a fantastic tool to manage stress, to become aware of agitation and how to deal with it, and to channel their energy in creative ways. As an effect of these benefits there is increase in their self-confidence and an inner stability.

The different practices of pratyahara and dharana (awareness of different senses and our response or non-response to them, together with one pointed concentration) give children a sense of relaxation and discipline which develops clarity and improves concentration, attention span and memory. 

And of course just few benefits of relaxation and yoga nidra are improvements in emotional self-regulation, reduced levels of depression, stress and anxiety.

  • Massage therapy Children/Teens 60/90 minutes
    Time is TBD
    Therapy rooms, 60 Lansdowne Pl, Hove BN3 1FG, UK
    Benefits of Children/Teens massage therapy include: boosting children’s immune system, relaxation easing tense/stressed muscles reducing Headaches Anxiety Insomnia Depression
  • Digital detox, yoga, mindful living, bothmer games retreat for 10-16 years
    27 Aug, 09:00 – 29 Aug, 16:00
    Iami Retreat place, 67 The Lookout, Peacehaven BN10 8AA, UK
    This will be so needed in 2021. This is going to be a HEALTH BOMB for CHILDREN/TEENS in 2021.
    Sat, 29 May
    East Sussex
    29 May, 13:00 – 16:00
    East Sussex, 67 The Lookout, Peacehaven BN10 8AA, UK
    Join us for this open day with tester sessions for those who are interested to sign their Child /Teen for our Digital Detox , Yoga and Mindful living retreat in July. Spaces are limited. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Yoga Day in countryside 10-16 years old
    01 May, 10:00 – 15:00
    East Sussex, 67 The Lookout, Peacehaven BN10 8AA, UK
    This is a wonderful opportunity for Children/Teens to get away and have a wonderful practice of Yoga, Meditation, Breathing techniques, Mindful walk in nature, mindful cooking and explore every aspect of their lives, physical, mental and spiritual.

Eva Adel, Family Yoga

We absolutely love our family yoga zoom session with Eva. It is a great pause in the strange life that we are currently living. 

It brings the family together. We align our breathing, we do fun yoga poses together. The kids are using the breathing outside the session. Eva is so caring and attentive to what we do, she encourages us and brings a lot of positive energy in our life. We all need it. Recommending it highly to all families. 

Anna, Children's Yoga

My daughter was going for Eva's Little Sages classes for almost three years and she loved it! She was coming back home and showing new yoga poses, chanting with me and meditating at bed time, which, I think is a great way to have a quality time with your child! Eva is a very wise teacher and she has the ability to combine the wisdom of yoga with play and arty activities, making it fun for little children.


Eva is a very kind, patient and caring lady, she puts all her heart into it and children love her to bits. She is a great and honest teacher and gives feedback to parents, especially when she sees that child is out of balance or upset. She is very warm and once you meet her, you like her straight away!

Ruth, One-to-one child's yoga

A year ago my son Stan was suffering with high anxiety, feelings of isolation and was unable to express what he was feeling. instead these feelings manifested themselves as anger or complete shut down. I felt strongly that yoga could help Stan be in his body more and understand his feelings, so when I found little sages I was thrilled. The groups were wonderful and Eva was fantastic, however Stan was finding it difficult to focus within the group.

Eva suggested trying some one to one sessions, which we've been enjoying for six

months now and have noticed the most incredible transformation in Stan during this time.