Our retreats for children have been designed as a space for them to reconnect with themselves and the nature around them. With the vision to develop seven day, or longer retreats, and a maximum of ten children we keep it personal and give all children plenty of time and space.


Our approach is a carefully designed program, and with one hundred percent support from us, to help children go into transformation of energy and purification their body whilst keeping it fun and engaging for children of all ages, stages of development capabilities and interests.

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Our retreats for Adults are happening at the Heart of Slovakian and Czech Nature, where through Meditation, Yoga and Purification Techniques students are guided to discover the way back to themselves to experience an INNER FREEDOM. These are fantastic retreats for Spring and Autumn DETOX. 

Maria, Yoga

Eva brings the lightest and most profound style of teaching into the class. Her

kindness and expertise shine through her radiant smile!

As the practice gets deeper and more established within, it also cleanses you from

the inside out, bringing more joy, balance, elegance and mindfulness into your life.

I totally recommend her yoga class if you are looking for something more real,

powerful and authentic.


How can I describe how my whole being (body, mind and spirit) feels after one of

Eva’s classes? She is an exceptional teacher who takes incredible care to support you as an individual but somehow manages to encourage you to work towards more

challenging poses calmly. 

I have particularly benefited from the longer sessions Eva leads at Evolution - with the time to sit and breath for 30 minutes at the start. The quality of the whole session is so different and life enhancing. I have now been attending Eva’s classes regularly for over a year and I feel like a

totally different person. I feel so lucky to have found such an inspiring yoga teacher.


Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop today. You have really helped me to begin to understand the true benefits of yoga practice. I have come away with a quieter mind, a deeply relaxed body and a feeling of peacefulness and calm. During the practice today I experienced parts of my

body that I have never given any attention to before, becoming aware of tension being held and learning techniques to release that tension is a deeply self-nurturing experience. Eva I am grateful for your gentle guidance

and teaching. You have a generous heart and your kindness is beautiful.