ETR Yoga classes, Yoga therapy, 1:1 sessions and retreats are deeply focusing on rebalancing and harmonising BODY, BREATH AND MIND.


You can directly experience this movement from the grosser expression of the self (the body) to the most subtle expression of the self (the mind). You will be guided to experience stillness in the movement to reprogram the past experiences. 


If you are dealing with high level of stress, or anxiety, or a feeling of disconnection and confusion these classes are perfect for you. 

Would you like to feel more energised, pain free, stress free? Would you like to correct your breathing patterns and rebalance your nervous system?

If so get in touch to book. We’d love to hear from you. 

Anonymous, Private Yoga Meditation

I have been undertaking private pranayama and asana sessions with Eva weekly throughout lockdown, and they have been transformational for my mental health. As someone who suffers with a generalised anxiety disorder, I have struggled previously with doing any kind of mindfulness or meditation based practise because I just have not been able to stop my mind from wandering and worrying. However, Eva's systematic but inherently intuitive approach to guided breathing exercises, combined with her significant experience in yoga, has meant that not only have I been able to learn to sit through the guided class, but also develop and commit to my own practice outside of the class. Eva is patient, professional and incredibly detailed in her approach and this has benefitted me enormously through what has been a very difficult time.

Emma, Zoom Yoga

Eva yoga has brought a much needed sense of balance back to my body, and to my life.  She offers me permission to stop and work deeply within my body, to allow a release.  This ensures I have a deep sense of relaxation and feel much more centred in my body, within my family and my life generally.


As a busy mother, running a family and home, alongside work, things that I used to do for myself, became discarded and fell from my view.  Lockdown has brought me back to this deep, slow form of yoga that has become my treat.  I have claimed time for myself and my family have come to respect this.


I cannot speak highly enough of Eva's experience, professionalism and sensitivity in running her sessions.

Valeria, Zoom Yoga in Lockdown

I have great experiences from your classes, it helps me to relax my muscles, there is a good atmosphere which you can feel even online, gives me a peace of mind, I noticed that I am much more mindful and patient after the classes, especially if I am able to do them regularly, sometimes it is not possible because of my job. If I could, I would do them every day. What I particularly love about your classes is that there is no rush, we are truly focusing on what's going on inside, we always focus on the balance and how each position affects us, the real work is inside, this is not just a workout. That's what makes me come to you, because for me yoga is mostly about balancing your body, mind and spirit. I have a long-going muscle spasm problem in the right side of my body and this yoga practice is more efficient than anything else before (including the lots of medication and botox doctors tried on me). My life has not changed too much because of the lockdown, but I am a bit more anxious and work more as a support worker, which made me exhausted, and thanks to the yoga with you I have the energy and I am in the right headspace to work through this period. Thank you. Zina