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The GIFT of massage  - Eva’s luxurious blend of deeply relaxing and soothing massage therapies, make a perfect gift to give your loved-one (PARENTS, CHILDREN, PARTNERS or YOURSELF) this relaxation break and mood-boost.

If you’re experiencing disharmony in your life then ETR Massage Therapy and treatments are here for you.



The R in our name stands for Rejuvenation. 

So what is Rejuvenation? We see it as a sort of a discipline working on the practical reversal of the ageing process. Not by Botox or a non-natural invasive process, but using a method that is natural, organic and bio-orientated. A change that comes from within. 

I believe that an inner disharmony in our body, breath and mind causes a depletion in our life energy (Prana). This disharmony originates in a deep dissatisfaction with life and can create certain unhelpful mindsets: we may feel anxious or stressed; overly compare ourselves with others; experience a high level of fear; feel excessively goal-orientated or have cravings and aversions. 

We may also present physical symptoms such as pain in the body - particularly in the joints or back, or a sensation of heaviness in the shoulders or neck. It might result in conditions such as insomnia, indigestion, asthma or autoimmune disease. 

A depletion of prana can cause many illnesses of the mind and body and perhaps even result in serious illness or life crises.

At the very least we may only look and feel tired but this depletion in our energy is actually depleting our life. 

ETR Massage Therapy

I think of massage therapy as rejuvenation because it works directly with our prana: encouraging our vital life energy to flow and helping to remove disharmony in the body and mind. Massage therapy is known to help relieve many emotional and mental ailments such as stress, anxiety and depression. And, of course, it’s extremely relaxing. Massage has been shown to release dopamine and serotonin which reduce tension and elicit feelings of calm and deep relaxation. 


Examples of how ETR Massage Therapy works:

Releasing neck tension opens the flow of energy from the spine into the whole head. My ETR treatments work on balancing the electromagnetic energies of the left and right brain, balancing the logical and intellectual parts and reducing stress. 


The breath is the first place where tension can show up. To affect breathing patterns, I work on releasing tension in the shoulders which causes the pelvic girdle to respond. When the pelvic and shoulder girdles release tension, energy starts to flow more freely between them, which opens you up to breathe deeply again. 


The muscles of abdomen and diaphragm are a sort of holding place for anxiety and releasing tension here is beneficial for your digestive system.

Work on the spine, strengthens the nervous system and promotes the flow of cerebral spinal fluid to help with emotional balance. 

While massaging the head I stimulate the Mardhi Marma point which is a therapeutic point on the head where blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics meet. By massaging it energy is ‘pulled up’ in the body. 


To rebalance the hormones there is Brahma Randa point which regulates release of hormones from the pituitary and pineal gland. 

Start now

I use warm soothing oils on your skin and a blend of luxurious therapies, with a practises honed over nearly 20 years.  

So, if you would like to start rebalance your nervous system and start to experience this wonderful rejuvenation of your cells and deep relaxation while I work on releasing tension in your body then ETR IS HERE FOR YOU. 

Do get in touch If you would like to LET GO.

Sometimes we need to combine massage therapy with some deeper changes in life. For that you can also book a spiritual counselling so we can have a deeper look into a roots of the problem. 

The treatments are suitable for ADULTS AND CHILDREN.

  • Massage therapy 60 min /90 min /120 min Adults
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne place therapy rooms
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne place therapy rooms, 60 Lansdowne Pl, Hove BN3 1FG, UK
    ETR MASSAGE THERAPY has more recently been used for the treatment of mental and emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression. Also considered a relaxation technique, my massage therapy may be able to help reduce tension and elicit feelings of calm and deep relaxation.
  • Massage therapy Children/Teens 60/90 minutes
    Time is TBD
    Therapy rooms, 60 Lansdowne Pl, Hove BN3 1FG, UK
    Benefits of Children/Teens massage therapy include: boosting children’s immune system, relaxation easing tense/stressed muscles reducing Headaches Anxiety Insomnia Depression
  • Massage therapy with Pranayama session 90 min
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne Place therapy rooms
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne Place therapy rooms , 60 Lansdowne Pl, Hove BN3 1FG, UK
    60 MIN ETR MASSAGE THERAPY AND 30 MINUTES PRANAYAMA SESSION £75 In this session we will combine Massage therapy with Pranayama session to help you to start to correct your breathing pattern and purify the energy channels which might be blocking the flow of Prana (life energy)
  • Massage therapy with Yoga Asana 90 minutes treatment
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne place therapy rooms
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne place therapy rooms, 60 Lansdowne Pl, Hove BN3 1FG, UK
    this session I will look at your energy system and we will bring a knowledge of Yoga into your treatment. I will use knowledge of Ayurveda and give you few Yoga Asanas (postures) and movements to practice to correct the imbalances within your Body.
  • Massage therapy with Spiritual Counselling 90 MINUTE COMBINED THERAPY
    Time is TBD
    Lansdowne place Therapy rooms, 60 Lansdowne PlHove BN3 1FG
    This package is available for you If you would like to have a deeper look at Your inner holdings and understand Mind-body connection...


I really look forward to my monthly massages with Eva, they have made such a difference to my life in terms of physical comfort, hormone balance and mental health. Eva is truly excellent at what she does and is holistic in approach so that you feel both mind and body are taken care of. She has a comprehensive knowledge of how the body works, and her treatments are complemented by her experience as a yoga teacher. I would highly recommend Eva as a massage therapist."


Eva is an amazingly gifted and skilled massage therapist. I come out of an hour session feeling so relaxed, as if all the accumulated stress had left my body. But she also works at a deep and powerful level and over the following few days, I am totally re-energized!  


I always look forward to my massages with Eva, she is incredibly intuitive and a gifted massage therapist, always sensing areas of tension in my muscles.  Her magic hands and her generous energy, mean that I always leave my massage feeling relaxed, uplifted and so much easier in my body and spirit.