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Massage therapy


I think of massage therapy as rejuvenation because it works directly with our prana: encouraging our vital life energy to flow and helping to remove disharmony in the body and mind. Massage therapy is known to help relieve many emotional and mental ailments such as stress, anxiety and depression. And, of course, it’s extremely relaxing. Massage has been shown to release dopamine and serotonin which reduce tension and elicit feelings of calm and deep relaxation. 


The R in our name stands for Rejuvenation

So what is Rejuvenation? We see it as a sort of a discipline working on the practical reversal of the ageing process. Not by Botox or a non-natural invasive process, but using a method that is natural, organic and bio-orientated. A change that comes from within. ​

I believe that an inner disharmony in our body, breath and mind causes a depletion in our life energy (Prana). This disharmony originates in a deep dissatisfaction with life and can create certain unhelpful mindsets: we may feel anxious or stressed; overly compare ourselves with others; experience a high level of fear; feel excessively goal-orientated or have cravings and aversions. 

Examples of how ETR Massage Therapy works:

  • Stress trapped in the muscles and tendons is safely released during the treatment. Stiff joints are relieved and the entire system is re-oxygenated, breath reset and mind calm. I use a blend of techniques to release trapped stress and tension from your body. I incorporate bodywork with breath work during the treatment which then oxygenates the entire system. Oxygen is a powerful detoxifying element neutralizing acidic toxins and waste and bringing the entire system to "rest and digest". Ideal for those who are emotionally exhausted. Helps release physical and mental tension, harmonizing the body and the mind.

  • Releasing neck tension opens the flow of energy from the spine into the whole head. My ETR treatments work on balancing the electromagnetic energies of the left and right brain, balancing the logical and intellectual parts and reducing stress. 

  • The breath is the first place where tension can show up. To affect breathing patterns, I work on releasing tension in the shoulders which causes the pelvic girdle to respond. When the pelvic and shoulder girdles release tension, energy starts to flow more freely between them, which opens you up to breathe deeply again.

  • The muscles of abdomen and diaphragm are a sort of holding place for anxiety and releasing tension here is beneficial for your digestive system.​

  • Work on the spine, strengthens the nervous system and promotes the flow of cerebral spinal fluid to help with emotional balance. ​

  • While massaging the head I stimulate the Mardhi Marma point which is a therapeutic point on the head where blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics meet. By massaging it energy is ‘pulled up’ in the body. 

  • To rebalance the hormones there is Brahma Randa point which regulates release of hormones from the pituitary and pineal gland. 

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