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ETR will guide you on your journey of Self-discovery to help you to reconnect with your Self again, so that you can experience your full potential and live in this world with purpose and meaning.

ETR enhances your ability to manage omnipresent stressors and help you to thrive positively in all aspects of your life.

ETR helps you to master your mind and achieve physical, mental and emotional harmony.

ETR will guide you to understand that your life is a gift and will bring you to a state of awareness on how to use this gift wisely.

ETR will teach you manage your anxiety with mindfulness, relaxation and correct breathing techniques

ETR will help you to be more assertive and build up your self-esteem by using CBT Hypnotherapy, exposure therapy and structured problem solving 


"Eva is reassuring, patient and professional and she approaches therapy with integrity.

I have experienced my inner transformation during these treatments , shift from thinking and feeling so negative about myself and people around me,  into a new way of thinking, which feels much more like me. It felt at a certain point, like I found myself again. I can't really describe that feeling."

Andrea , Brighton

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