With over 16 years of Yoga study and 18 years of massage and body-works for children and adults Eva has undertaken a journey. Eva’s different trainings in body work for adults and children include different Ayurvedic treatments, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Chinese energizing massage and several other trainings.

Eva is a registered and insured Yoga Instructor who, amongst various yoga training completed, holds 500h Certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance from Vajrasati Yoga ( school where she completed two years’ study before graduation. Eva also completed yoga training with several different schools in Europe and India; Yoga Gita 200h, Yoga instructor certificate with Svyasa University Bangalore, Bihar school of Yoga and also has certificates to teach Calm for kids Yoga, Calm for Kids Yoga for teenagers. Over the years Eva has continued her own studies, teaching Yoga to adults and children, running workshops and retreats whilst making time for yearly CPD events in India and UK. Eva believe one has to have deeper self-practice and experience if one wants to teach and help others.

Eva's Background - Evolve, Transform and Rejuvenate (ETR Therapy) and Eva

With 18 years of massage and body-works practice Eva has completed a variety of training and holds certificates in different Ayurvedic treatments, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, Chinese energy massage, Hot stones massage therapy, Lymphatic facial treatment and Thai massage.

Eva has studied yoga for over16 years, has completed training in several different forms of yoga (Vajrasati Yoga 500h, Yoga Gita 200h) and holds a qualification as a registered and insured Yoga Instructor with several different schools in Europe and India.

Eva's physical therapy work and yoga teaching combines awareness of body and mind using traditional yogic techniques and western mindfulness practice. Awareness, the mind and nervous system are the focus of Eva’s teachings and therapies, using traditional techniques of Meditation and Pranayama, to achieve deeper release, and guiding students through Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) to reach deeper, subconscious blockages and imprints from past to help release and energy flow. Eva focuses on working with the mind and balancing the nervous system through a use of these different yogic techniques and awareness practices and yoga classes are not only physical asana, but mostly working with psychic, mental, pranic and spiritual bodies leading towards deeper release and balance of both nervous systems. Eva has a deep passion for working with the awareness, mind and energy by applying an old ancient techniques within our modern life style. Her studies of stress and anger management, at Swami Vivekananda University at Bangalore, have led to Eva’s work, along with her long-term teacher Vijay Gopala from Mysore (, on a program of mindfulness teaching for people who are dealing with increased pressure and stress in life.
  • Digital detox, yoga, mindful living, bothmer games retreat for 10-16 years
    27 Aug 2021, 09:00 – 29 Aug 2021, 16:00
    Iami Retreat place, 67 The Lookout, Peacehaven BN10 8AA, UK
    This will be so needed in 2021. This is going to be a HEALTH BOMB for CHILDREN/TEENS in 2021.
  • Workshop in Brighton for Children/Teens 10-16 years old
    Sun, 08 Nov
    The Loft at Little Dippers
    08 Nov 2020, 09:30 – 12:30
    The Loft at Little Dippers, 40-42 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN, UK
    Inhale calm, exhale worry We will use awareness based activities to understand the responses of the breath during the different circumstances of life, and we will rediscover how to bring breath back to balance...